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Yipes! Pool is down through …Wednesday?! First global warming, now this! …oh, man!


According to our experts, the acid levels in the pool are too high, complete draining, replacing and rebalancing the water is long overdue. Gonna get ‘er done.

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The Pool is closed too?! Yep – probably ’till Sunday. Oh man…..


Sad but true. The spa problem has spilled over to the pool – now they’re both closed. Hoping, & working, to have them fixed & opened up again by Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Our Jacuzzi is Closed until further notice.

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Board Meeting Sept 21, 2016

The next meeting of the Board will be on Wednesday Sept. 21st @ 6:00pm in the Clubhouse

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Our new Board of Directors is:

• President - Peter Wiederoder (808) 652-9940 (term expires 2017)
• Vice President – Stan Lake (808) 212-5645(term expires 2018)
• Secretary – Alan Zusman (805) 223-0220 (term expires 2016)
• Treasurer  – Curtis Terry (415) 264-8478 (term expires 2017)
• Director – Janice Graham-Welsh (808) 212-1327(term expires 2018)
• Director – Kathy Maddox (808) 651-3757  (term expires 2019)
• Director – Ken Kokron (808) 378-4481 (term expires 2018)


Board & Organizational Meeting

Information for the upcoming Board of Directors’ meeting.

09.07.2016 NOTICE