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Pool & Clubhouse Maintenance week of April 17th


The POOL, POOL DECK AREA and JACUZZI will all be closed for maintenance & cleaning at times during the week of April 17th. Please see the attached Official Notice by clicking on “Official Notice”

Maybe go to the beach?

April 19th – Board Meeting Notice & Approved minutes from the Nov 16th 2016 Meeting

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be April 19th in the Clubhouse. The Approved minutes from the 11/16/2016 BoD meeting are attached.

This meeting will include Owners’ Ratification of the FY2018 Budget. Let the budgeting process begin!

To view the official Meeting Notice click on “meeting” above. To view the Minutes from the 11/16/2016 BoD meeting click on “11/16/2016 BoD” above. To view the FY2018 Owner Budget Packet click on “FY2018 Budget” above. Whole lot of click’n go’n on….


Clubhouse Reservation Procedure


Interested in reserving the clubhouse?

See the attached Info sheet for Reservation Details. To view, click on “clubhouse” (above)

Jacuzzi riddle

hot tub
Q: When is a Jacuzzi not a Jacuzzi?
A: When the jets don’t work – because then….. it’s a Hot Tub!

Please see the notice about our Hot Tub.

To view, click on Hot Tub, above.

Board & Organizational Meeting

Information for the upcoming Board of Directors’ meeting.

09.07.2016 NOTICE