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Board Meeting Sept 21, 2016

The next meeting of the Board will be on Wednesday Sept. 21st @ 6:00pm in the Clubhouse

To view the official meeting notice, click on “Clubhouse” above.

Our new Board of Directors is:

• President - Peter Wiederoder (808) 652-9940 (term expires 2017)
• Vice President – Stan Lake (808) 212-5645(term expires 2018)
• Secretary – Alan Zusman (805) 223-0220 (term expires 2016)
• Treasurer  – Curtis Terry (415) 264-8478 (term expires 2017)
• Director – Janice Graham-Welsh (808) 212-1327(term expires 2018)
• Director – Kathy Maddox (808) 651-3757  (term expires 2019)
• Director – Ken Kokron (808) 378-4481 (term expires 2018)


Board & Organizational Meeting

Information for the upcoming Board of Directors’ meeting.

09.07.2016 NOTICE

Drive-through Inspection – Friday, July 22nd

image Just got a note from Rich that he’ll be doing a drive-through inspection sometime tomorrow . (White Nissan pickup driving slowly) no need to notify Homeland Security – not ISIS, just Hawaiiana doing their job. Whew…

Aerial Video link – Kakela Makai

drone swatter

So – for those of you who were wondering about a year or so ago – “Who the heck is that in our subdivision flying a drone, and what’s he up to?” I think we may have just cracked that case thanks to one of our members (who will remain nameless just in case some drone-flying psycho… well, you know)

If you’re interested in viewing some aerial footage of K.M. – check out the following link:


Please note: This is in no way an endorsement of the video’s sponsor. It’s just a link to a publicly available video, which may be of interest to our association members, an interesting bird’s-eye-view of the sub.

Please also note that the footage shown is a collection of shots taken at different times / dates then edited together. (You can tell that by looking at what’s in place, not in place, on several properties under construction. Looks to me like parts of the video were shot about 1 – 2 years ago or so. But what do I know…)

And, last but not least, it IS NOT our property manager conducting property inspections. :~)

2016 June Newsletter

2016-06- KM Newsletter

To view the Newsletter, click on “KM Newsletter” above.

Just a Heads-up: Make special note of paragraph 2 in the section titled “Covenants.”

What’s not specifically stated is:

1) drive-through inspections of the subdivision will begin (began) in early June.

camera man

2) These drive-through inspections will be conducted by Rich Roberts our Hawaiiana Management Executive. (You may notice him driving a white Nissan pickup truck during these inspections – maybe even taking pictures to document his observations.) The items Rich will be checking on during these drive-throughs will be determined by the Board of Directors but the starting point for the initial inspections will include the “top eight” Covenant/Rule Violations noted at the bottom of page 1.

No need to report “a strange man driving a white pickup through the subdivision taking pictures” to the neighborhood watch, it’s just Rich doing his job.