Our community is located in Kalaheo on the southwest side of Kauai. We strive to maintain a community that makes Kakela Makai a desirable location for all families to live. Quality of life, pride of ownership and residing in this desirable community is our primary goal. To achieve this requires the commitment of every property owner. We encourage every property owner to provide us with current contact information, ie mailing address, phone number and e-mail address, so that important community issues can be communicated with you. Kakela Makai Oceanview Community Association Board of Directors is committed to keeping residents informed of events and issues important to the neighborhood. The board of directors usually meets on the second Wednesday of each month and all meetings are open to members of the Kakela Makai Oceanview Community Association. When property is acquired within the community, membership in the Kakela Makai Oceanview Community Association is required.

There are 199 properties within the Kakela Makai subdivision. Neighborhood amenities include a community swimming pool and a clubhouse with three exercise machines. When considering the construction of new home, there are design requirements (listed on this website) which will assist you in this process.

Our website is an attempt to increase communication with association members. You will find information concerning issues and events that affect residents and property owners of our neighborhood. There are also links to county websites, which may assist. Comments about or suggestions for this web site may be directed to any of your Board members.

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