2019: minutes, minutes &… more minutes…

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Board Meeting TONIGHT!

Jan 15th 6:00 pm in the Clubhouse

Design Committee Documents

In need of current Design Committee Documents??? Send an email to: kakelamakai.drc@gmail for the current forms. (We’re in the process of updating the website; if you click on the site’s links you’ll get old, out-of-date docs.)

Board Meeting – Wednesday January 15.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be Wednesday January 15th at 6:00 pm in the Clubhouse. To view the official notice, click on: http://www.kakelamakai.com/?attachment_id=2087

November Board Meeting – 11/13/2019

Search For Solution

The next meeting of the K.M. Board of Directors will be Wednesday November 13th at 6:00pm in the Clubhouse.

To view the official announcement click on “November 13th” above.

September Board Meeting – 9/11/2019

The next meeting of the Board will be held on 9/11 at 6:00 pm in the Clubhouse.
Click on “meeting”, above, to see the official notice.

The agenda for the 9/11 meeting can be seen by clicking on agenda.

Question…Comment…Concern…Complaint? (QCCC)

question cartoon

Got something you need help with but don’t know who to contact? Simply email Rich Roberts, our Property Manager, at: richardr@hmcmgt.com

If he doesn’t know – he’ll find out. (That’s why we pay him the BIG BUCK!) If your QCCC needs to be passed along to someone else for resolution he’ll do it!

Minutes x 3 = “a bunch” of minutes to review

So much to read...

So much to read…

Minutes from the last three Board meetings are here! To view, read and, hopefully, understand, Click on the links that follow.
2019-01-16 Minutes DRAFT
2018-11-14 Minutes APPROVED
2018-09-19 Minutes APPROVED

January 2019 News Letter


To get your very own copy of the Newsletter, Instamatically, click on “Newsletter” then, like magic, it’ll appear! No driving to the Post Office, or walking to the mail box, for you! Save the planet! Get it here!

Pool Rules – updated 2019-01-16

Pool Rules Sign
2019-01-16-Pool Rules

If you want to save a copy of these rules, as a .pdf file for future reference, click on Pool Rules V2 1.16.19 BOD then download the file from your browser… Easy Peasy!

Once you have the .pdf file, you can: save it on your computer – and/or – review them with your kids or visitors (The two terms are not mutually exclusive after all) – or – email copies to your friends, kids, & visitors – or – print them up and tape them to the fridge for all to see. The possibilities are …endless! Tattoos also come to mind. ;~)